Astronaut Scholarship Foundation

Created By The Mercury 7 Astronauts

Astronaut/Guest Participants

The following astronauts and special guests have signed on to attend this year's Astronaut Autograph & Memorabilia Show! Keep checking this page for updates, as astronauts are added as they sign on.

Astronaut participants are subject to change without notice.

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Allen_forsite Andy Allen

STS-46, STS-62, STS-75

Alan Bean Alan Bean

Apollo 12, Skylab 3

Vance Brand Vance Brand

ASTP, STS-5, STS-41B, STS-35

brandenstein Dan Brandenstein

STS-8, STS-51G, STS-32, STS-49

carr Jerry Carr

Skylab 4

Eugene A Cernan Gene Cernan

Gemini 9A, Apollo 10, Apollo 17

Walt Cunningham Walt Cunningham

Apollo 7

Charles Duke Charlie Duke

Apollo 16

ed Gibson Ed Gibson

Skylab 4

Robert L Hoot Gibson Robert Gibson

STS-41B, STS-61C, STS-27,
STS-47, STS-71

Fred_Haise Fred Haise

Apollo 13, ALT

Jack Lousma Jack Lousma

Skylab 3, STS-3

James Lovell James Lovell

Gemini 7, Gemini 12, Apollo 8, Apollo 13

Jon McBride Jon McBride


Bruce McCandless Bruce McCandless

STS-41B, STS-31

Mike McCulley Mike McCulley


Edgar Mitchell Edgar Mitchell

Apollo 14

Mike Mullane Mike Mullane

STS-41D, STS-27, STS-36

S96-00265 Jerry Ross

STS-61B, STS-27, STS-37, STS-55, STS-74, STS-88, STS-110

Rhea Seddon Rhea Seddon

STS-51D, STS-40, STS-58

Bob Springer Bob Springer

STS-29, STS-38

stafford Thomas Stafford

Gemini 6, Gemini 9, Apollo 10, Apollo-Soyuz Test Project

s94e5001 Don Thomas

STS-65, STS-70, STS-83, STS-94

thornton Kathy Thornton

STS-33, STS-49, STS-61, STS-73

wordon Al Al Worden

Apollo 15

black Don Black

Special Guest: Gemini White Room Mechanic (Experimental Mechanic)

Dr-Graveline-1 Duane Graveline

Special Guest: Mercury Medical Flight Controller

Hugh Harris Hugh Harris

Special Guest: Former Director, NASA Public Affairs Office

Jack King Jack King

Special Guest: Mercury, Gemini and Apollo Launch Commentator for NASA’s Office of Public Affairs

S71-16812 - Lunney Glynn Lunney

Special Guest: Gemini and Apollo Flight Director

ohara Dee O’Hara

Special Guest: The first nurse to NASA’s Mercury Astronauts.

Bob Sieck Bob Sieck

Special Guest: Former Launch Director and Director of Shuttle Processing