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Astronaut Scholars are immersed in nearly every frontier of science, engineering, and technology as astronomers, biologists, chemists, physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists, engineers in practically every discipline, inventors, consultants, entrepreneurs who have started technology companies, professors at top institutions, and military officers. In these positions they have launched payloads into space, studied distant galaxies through the Hubble Space Telescope, worked on the Mars Rover missions, trained astronauts, researched alternative energy devices, investigated integrated circuit manufacturing, developed more efficient equipment for firefighters, produced new ways to cultivate agriculture, developed noise control devices, researched the basis of congenital heart disease, mentored future scientists and engineers, and so much more!

2023 Astronaut Scholars

The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation's Astronaut Scholars are impactful and take organizations from ordinary to exceptional.

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Neil Armstrong™ Award of Excellence

Through a partnership with The Purdue Research Foundation, the Armstrong Family and Neil Armstrong’s friend, Jim Hays, ASF...

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Scholars and Mentor Portal

Astronaut Scholars and Mentors connect with each other through a secure portal that serves as a communication tool to privately...

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Scholar Spotlights

Highlights of Astronaut Scholar achievements, advancements, accomplishments, break-throughs and successes.

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Archived Scholar Data

View our Archive of Astronaut Scholars throughout the years!

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