Astronaut Scholarship Foundation

Created By The Mercury 7 Astronauts

ASF Board of Trustees Chairman Laura Shepard Churchley Hosts Meet & Greet

ASF patrons, scholars, friends and several astronauts gathered in Colorado to share ASF’s mission.

Many thanks to Fred and Laura (Shepard) Churchley for hosting an ASF Meet & Greet inside their beautiful home just outside of Denver, Colorado. The evening – filled with incredible vistas, terrific food, and great conversation – resulted in many new friends and supporters of the mission. Among those featured were astronauts Jeff Ashby, Bruce McCandless, Gary Payton, Dick Truly and Steve Lindsey, Astronaut Scholars Emily Boster, Bill Kalinowski, and Craig Schwartz and ASF Trustees Ann Brown, Patty Carpenter and Dirk Raemdonck.

Check out photos of the event on Flickr!

As part of the ongoing effort to raise awareness of ASF’s mission, we are always delighted to share our mission through Meet & Greets throughout the nation. These events are hosted by ASF’s family of directors, trustees and supporters who graciously open their homes or business to introduce ASF to their local communities. Through the personal stories and life experiences of Astronauts and Astronaut Scholars, guests gain a better understanding of the impact the Astronaut Scholarship program has, not only on the recipients, but also on the nation’s workforce in fields such as aerospace, energy, and defense and homeland security.

If you are interested in hosting a Meet & Greet event on behalf of ASF, please contact Rika Rowland, Director of Corporate and Donor Relations at or 321.449.4876.