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Apollo 40th Anniversary Multi-signed “Moontage” Print 11×14


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Honor the historic success of NASA’s Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space programs through a collage of mankind’s journey to step foot on the moon with this Apollo 40th Anniversary commemorative, limited-edition, numbered, autographed “Moontage” print.

The prints are signed by an American Hero representing each program – John Glenn (Mercury), James McDivitt (Gemini) and James Lovell (Apollo) and Buzz Aldrin (Apollo moon landing).

Building upon the Mercury, Gemini and early Apollo flights, the world watched on July 20, 1969 when the Apollo 11 crew landed on the moon’s surface with less than 30 seconds worth of fuel left in the Lunar Module, to take that famous leap for mankind.

Autographed exclusively for the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, the 11×14″ prints are limited  and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Each autographed item is unique and the signatures on the item you receive may differ slightly from those on the example shown here.

All monies raised from the sale of these prints will go directly to fund scholarships, through the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, for exceptional college students pursuing advanced degrees in science or engineering. For more information, please visit

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