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Breaking the boundaries, pushing the limits, and exploring the impossible defines our country’s drive to ensure our world is a better place to live.
The Next Frontier will ensure we will continue to believe in this mission and understand the support needed to make dreams become a reality.
Our annual and monthly donors are shaping the future through their support.

Inspire   entrepreneurs to be risk-takers.

Monthly Donors:
• William & Janet Patton  • Charlie & Jackie Bolden  • Andrew & Kristen Jones• Tom & Lynne Coudron  • Peter Lyon Crew  • Adero & Amanda Paige• Michael & Zoe Dodge  • Emily & Zack Kloska  • Jeanette Epps

Fuel   the passion for scholars to explore.

Annual donations under $500:
• Evelyn MacMillan  • Ron & Pam Kaufman  • Randy Pfutzenreuter• Kurt Liebendorfer  • Anthony & Tammy Sudler  • Sandra Mullican  • Caitlin Driscoll• Cynthia Jones  • David & Amy Rahmani  • Jim & Maureen Owens  • Arnie Rivera• Ben Cromey; Ball Aerospace

Discover   the next medical treatment, new food sourcing, the next planet.

Annual donations $500+
• Prakash Mohanani  • James Reilly; Booz Allen Hamilton  
• Emerson-Griffin-Toring Private Foundation  • Quality CMC Consulting
• Pete and Terri Cramer  • Bernard Harris; Raytheon

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