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The Michael Collins Family
Professional Development Program

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The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation is honored to work with the family of astronaut Michael Collins to present The Michael Collins Family Professional Development Program. Michael Collins valued a world view he expressed aboard Apollo 11, “Houston, I’ve got the world in my window.” He believed that all of us can have the world in our window.

If our future leaders—including the Astronaut Scholars—could see their planet from a great distance, their outlook would be fundamentally changed. This outlook’s meaning can only be fully understood if communicated both verbally and in writing. For this reason, Michael Collins placed a high value on one’s ability to communicate effectively. While Michael Collins appreciated the value of STEM education, he felt it was missing a component of strong communication skills. He advocated changing STEM to STEEM (the additional “E” for “Eloquence”).

Astronaut Scholars are remarkably driven, rank at the top of their class, and are exceptionally focused and resourceful, especially in their fields of expertise. Through their research and entrepreneurial spirit, Astronaut Scholars change the world and drive innovation. The Michael Collins Family Professional Development Program provides support throughout their careers through coaching, building business skills, leadership development training, and professional insights based on real world experiences effectively preparing tomorrow’s leaders.

The Collins Family Said:

"As a family, we are honored to have the opportunity to be part of such a worthwhile program. The ASF Astronaut Scholars represent the legacy of the astronauts, exemplifying their character and drive. In meeting the Astronaut Scholars, you see first-hand the impact a program like this has on their careers and their personal development."

About the Professional Development Program

The Michael Collins Family Professional Development Program instructs scholars in specific topics and provides experiences that will both provide them with the tools they need to develop into strong professional leaders, as well as self-assured adults.

The program consists of the following features:

  ASF Scholar Technical Conference
  Regional Scholar Meet-Up Events
  Corporate Tours
  Special Virtual Presentations
  Professional Networking Events
  Astronaut Scholar Speaking Opportunities

Examples of past experiences include:

  SAIC Panel Discussion
  Meet & Greet with Astronaut Nicole Stott
  Effective Communication with Carol Fitzgerald Tyler
  Space Medicine with Astronaut Dr. Bernard Harris
  NSF Presentations
  Accelerate Your Success with Mental Fitness with Matt Kersey
  Burn the Box - Mind Opening Exercises with Bob Kodzis
  Special Behind-The-Scenes Tours

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