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Space Rendezvous Participants

The following astronauts and space industry notables have committed to participate in events during Space Rendezvous 2017.

This list will be updated as more information becomes available.

Astronaut participants are subject to change without notice.

akers-tomTom Akers

STS-41, STS-49, STS-61, STS-79

Scott_Douglas_AltmanScott D. Altman

STS-90, STS-106, STS-109, STS-125

Vance BrandVance Brand

ASTP, STS-5, STS-41B, STS-35

BrownHQCurtis Brown

STS-47, STS-66, STS-77, STS-85, STS-95, STS-103

chiltonKevin Chilton

STS-49, STS-59, STS-79

Brian DuffyBrian Duffy

STS-45, STS-57, STS-72, STS-92

Ferguson-ChrisChris Ferguson

STS-115, STS-126, STS-135

ed GibsonEd Gibson

Skylab 4

Fredrick GregoryFred Gregory

STS-51B, STS-33, STS-44

S96-00265Jerry Ross

STS-61B, STS-27, STS-37, STS-55, STS-74, STS-88, STS-110

staffordThomas Stafford

Gemini 6, Gemini 9, Apollo 10, Apollo-Soyuz Test Project

thorntonKathy Thornton

STS-33, STS-49, STS-61, STS-73

wordon AlAl Worden

Apollo 15

Hugh HarrisHugh Harris

Special Guest: Former Director, NASA Public Affairs Office

oharaDee O’Hara

Special Guest: The first nurse to NASA's Mercury Astronauts.

Bob SieckBob Sieck

Special Guest: Former Launch Director and Director of Shuttle Processing

Chris_Calle_1Chris Calle

Special Guest: Aerospace Artist

ML FR picMichael Leinbach

Special Guest: Former Shuttle Launch Director at NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center

Enter Job Description HereNicole Stott

STS-133, STS-129, STS-128, Expedition 21, Expedition 20, Expedition 19