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Scholarship Sponsorships Opportunities

Astronaut Scholars are some of the very best and brightest university students. Every year, many students are nominated to become an Astronaut Scholar, and your help is needed to ensure that ASF can sustain the number of scholarships awarded.

Benefits of Sponsoring a Scholarship

  Opportunity to attend scholar award ceremony at sponsored university
     (if one is scheduled that year or Innovators Gala where all scholars are presented their award)
  Logo/Name on ASF website
  Logo/Name on ASF social media

Scholarship Sponsorship Opportunities

Fund a University Scholarship - $12,000

Endow a Scholarship - $250,000

A donation of $250,000 ensures an Astronaut Scholar at a school of your choice in perpetuity. Endowed Scholarships are a great way to ensure that our mission is truly achieved within a school’s community. If you don’t have a specific school in mind, you can designate your Endowment for an area or based on other characteristics. We are happy to work with you to determine the best use of your Endowment.

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Additional Scholarship Sponsorship Options

There are many additional options to help as well. Donors can sponsor recognition packages, travel, event/conference attendance(s) and more. Contact ASF to discuss all options available.

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