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Space Explorers Club

Take your space enthusiasm to the limit with our membership club.


Engage in a virtual space with both legendary and current leaders in the aerospace industry. To kick off the 2024 membership program, veteran astronaut Scott Parazynski will be talking about his space endeavors along with the future of commercial space.

In the following months, we’ll hear from veteran astronauts Jan Davis, Rick Mastracchio, Rex Walheim, Doug Hurley, Bob Cabana, and Rusty Schweikart along with many more industry professionals about their journeys and the future of space travel.

This annual 12-month virtual membership club is limited to only 35 participants.

"It was so gratifying taking part in the Space Explorers Club, especially hearing first-hand accounts from pioneering female astronauts like Kathy Sullivan, Barbara Morgan, and Nicole Stott as America celebrated the 60th Anniversary of Women in Space. What I loved most were the down-to-earth, human stories shared by these ever-curious astronauts as they spoke about the profound impact that exploring space had on them. As we look toward returning to the moon and beyond, it’s astronauts, engineers, and scientists like these who are inspiring our current generations, including my own daughter, to reach for the stars!"

- Katherine Ruppe, Screenwriter & Space Enthusiast


The 2024 Space Explorers Club membership begins May 2024 and runs through April 2025.

Benefits for the membership club include:
 • Monthly virtual presentations with a featured astronaut, scholar, or industry leader
 • Interaction with the presenter and other space enthusiasts prior to and following the presentation
 • Opportunity to ask questions after the presentation
 • Opportunity to watch password-secured recorded virtual presentation -
   if unable to attend during presentation scheduled time
 • Personalized handwritten welcome letter from selected astronaut
 • Signed photo of the featured monthly astronaut(s)
 • Exclusive numbered Membership badge with lanyard
 • Complimentary signed (with a book plate) speaker books

Unless otherwise noted, presentations will take place on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 6 PM ET. Speakers subject to change. Welcome Kit to be mailed by July 2023 – additional shipping fees outside of continental United States.

2024-2025 Presentations

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For more information about the Space Explorers Club, contact us at development@astronautscholarship.org.


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