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Visionary Circle

Becoming a member of ASF's Visionary Circle provides the opportunity to honor our nation’s greatest heroes and to recognize an astronaut's contributions and legacy in American space exploration.

Honor Our Nation’s Greatest Heroes by Joining the Visionary Circle

Your gift will help to continue the vision of our organization which seeks to inspire, encourage, and facilitate Astronaut Scholars to embody the highly respected astronaut characteristics, such as intelligence, ambition, self-motivation, high ethical standards, persistence, tenacity, adaptability, and a passion for science, exploration, and innovation. This focus will aid in placing the best American scholars in positions that will positively change and influence society.

Choose the astronaut you want to honor and they or their family will be notified that you have chosen to recognize their great work in the space program.

Visionary Circle Opportunities

Visionary Circle Founders - $20,000

Visionary Circle Leaders - $10,000

Apollo Astronauts

Neil Armstrong

Dirk & Leslie Raemdonck

Pete Conrad

Matthew and Mary Kaye Polomik

Charles Duke

Cox Industries, Inc.

Dick Gordon

Page, Wolfberg & Wirth, LLC

Jim Lovell


Tom Stafford


Al Worden

Mark & Kristine Rein

John W. Young


Buzz Aldrin


Bill Anders


Alan Bean


Frank Borman


Eugene Cernan


Roger Chaffee


Michael Collins


Walter Cunningham


Donn Eisele


Ron Evans


Fred Haise


James Irwin


Ken Mattingly


James McDivitt


Edgar Mitchell


Stu Roosa


Harrison Schmitt


Rusty Schweickart


David Scott


Jack Swigert


Ed White


Visionary Circle Members - $5,000

Skylab and Shuttle Astronauts

Daniel Brandenstein

Greg, Jan, and Scott Isaacson

Eileen Collins

Scott M. Clemens

Robert Crippen

Dr. Astrid-Christina Koch

Joe Engle

Todd Hansen in memory of Lonny Baker

Robert “Hoot” Gibson

Alan Nelson

Fred Gregory

Anonymous in memory of Scott Carpenter

Judy Resnik

Todd Hansen in memory of Lonny Baker

Dick Scobee

Ronald and Lauren Reed

Loren Shriver

Barry Power

Joe Tanner

Barry & Becky Power

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